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Friday, August 6, 2010

That's One Tasty Brick

Detroit. Street. Brick.

Seriously, this is a cheese unlike most you will encounter. Soft-ripened with a bloomy rind, this creamy rich goat cheese is inundated with crushed green peppercorns. The flavor that develops is intense, rich, bold and spicy. It is crafted by Zingerman's creamery...yes, THOSE Zingerman's, the ones who are known for fine foods and a delicious deli. The name of the cheese comes from the address of the deli, and it is  shaped after the square cobblestones that pave the Ann Arbor neighborhhod in which it resides.

Detroit Street Brick is made with Pasteurized goats milk, as it is only aged 2 weeks instead of the 60 days required for raw milk cheeses. It's bloomy rind allows it to ripen from the outside in which produces a beautiful progression of flavors throughout.

If I were to recommend a perfect use for this cheese, it would have to be a 1/2" slice broiled over the top of a Filet Mignon. H-E-A-V-E-N.

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