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As much as I love eating, making and teaching CHEESE, I also love to travel and visit some of the coolest people in the cheese biz, as well as other cheese lovers.  I like to meet the lovely ladies that produce the milk, visit the cheese making rooms and talk to the cheese makers. Here is some of the fun:

Touring the new aging room with Cheese Maker Liam Callahan at Bellwether Farms

Cheesemaking 101: Soft Cheeses

The lovely ladies of Bellwether Farms

The girls at Redwood Hill Farm are VERY friendly

David Bice of Redwood Hill Farm introduced me to some of the newer members of the family

Visiting central California cheese country

Bravo Farms in Visalia, California

The Cheese Wench getting ready to visit the creamery at Quicke's Farm in Southwest England

Cheesemaker Mary Quicke discussing the centuries-old history of her family on this property

Part of the "Cheddaring" process

This is Devon, and this is Cheese!

Visiting with Paula Lambert of The Mozzarella Company in Dallas, TX

Cheesemaking in progress

With Paula in our stylish headwear

The Creamery at The Mozzarella Company